New building Migros Herisau

The Migros Cooperative Ostschweiz is currently constructing a new building in the centre of Herisau. The new residential and commercial development with a two stories underground car park is located at the location of the old Migros and also includes some of the surrounding buildings, which were previously dismantled.

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  • Published on July 23, 2020

Bottleneck removal St. Gallen - Tunnel Liebegg

The Canton of St. Gallen is planning to further relieve the St. Gallen city centre from traffic with the help of a new car tunnel between the freight station and Lustmuehle. The tunnel is to have a length of around 1.2 km.

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  • Published on May 11, 2020

Dairy Forster AG, Herisau (AR)

The dairy Forster AG has started to build a new production facility in Hölzli in Herisau. The new building should significantly increase the capacity and enable the most modern production techniques. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2021.

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  • Published on August 09, 2019

Residential and commercial development Hoffnig-Areal, Dübendorf

After several years of planning, construction work on the development of the Hoffnig site at Stettbach station in Dübendorf (ZH) started at the beginning of July 2018. The impressive construction project has considerable dimensions with a floor plan of around 70 x 200 m and excavation depths of around 10 m.

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  • Published on August 07, 2019